The Impression of Milu Deer


Elk is a deer species unique to China. Its face like a horse, like a deer horn, tail like a donkey, hooves like cattle, known as 'grotesque.' In China, elk always been known as auspicious objects, is powerful symbol of evil, but also the folklore of the animal, enjoy the reputation of David, called the Chinese 'living natural and cultural heritage.'
As early as the Warring States period, Qu Yuan wrote 'Come eat moose what Chambers' This verse in 'Nine Songs • Xiang Fu Man'. 'Huainanzi • Binglue training', he said: 'siege a little pool, everyone down, the world is worth moose boiling ants move.' The moose and the Ants use, it is conceivable that what was elk population is spectacular. Prior to the Xia and Shang, elk population has developed rapidly, reaching its peak. The archaeological discovery, 10,000 years to 4,000 years ago, human bones unearthed in the ruins of elk quantity very much. At that time, our ancestors hunt elk is not only objects, but also people in a variety of ritual sacrifice activities. To the Shang and Zhou dynasties, elk have been fed artificially. According to the 'Mencius' in the description: 'Wen Wang (King Hui of Liang) of caught, seventy square, stand on the marsh Wang, Gu Hongyan elk.' This proves that at least in zhou dynasty caught in their homes has been a domesticated elk.
According to scientists research, the history of elk live mainly in China Yellow River, the Yangtze River region, the most prosperous two or three thousand years ago, the number reached a million head, and then the total number of human beings of the Earth, but 150 million. However, Han after dwindling number of wild elk, to the Qing Dynasty, China has a group of three four hundred of the remaining elk, all of which are stocked in Beijing Nanhaizi royal hunting.
Elk experience full of legend. And their legendary life experience with a French naturalist, the missionaries have a bond. In 1865, the Qing Tongzhi four years is the fall of the day, the French naturalist, missionary Armand David look • dust came hunting in southern Beijing Nanhaizi Royal Court, David, I want to explore what happens to the Chase, and guard door bowls, mercilessly him in the door. In desperation, David went to a secluded place, peering across the wall inwa